Have you heard about FramingGPS™?

FramingGPS™  is my new smartphone app.  Yeehaw!

In the course of my work (which tends to require sending framing memos, message material and slide presentations via e-mail or Dropbox) it has become clear that advocates and issue experts need their messages where they do their work – at their desks, in meetings, when talking to reporters, when catching a legislator in the hall. 

Given that most of my clients advance their work in coalitions, it is also imperative to ensure ALL people who are communicating publicly are “on message.” This tends not to happen when somebody didn’t get the framing memo.

I developed FramingGPS™ to respond to these varied communication contexts that ARE the office-spaces of front-line advocates.

Check it out! (ya know, by clicking on any instance of FramingGPS™ in this post. :))

And let me know what you think!


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