Lynn Davey, Ph.D., is a psychologist and advocacy communications expert who helps policy advocates implement evidence-based communication and advocacy strategies that will improve support for public policy solutions.

Davey began her career as a professor of psychology at St. Joseph’s College in Maine, where she created the college’s department of psychology, developed major programs of study in psychology and human development, and served as chair of the department for seven years. Frustrated by the disconnect between scholarly knowledge about child development on the one hand, and the content of public discourse related to child and family issues on the other, Davey left academia to work as a research director for a state-based child advocacy organization. In the course of that work, it became clear that the compelling presentation of data – from poverty rates to rates of health insurance coverage –  was not sufficient to build public support for issues or move policy in the legislature. Davey studied research related to framing, media effects, and social movements, and came to understand the need for the strategic framing of  data and research findings when communicating with the public about social problems.

Most recently, Davey served as Vice President of the FrameWorks Institute, where she designed and analyzed research investigating public understanding of a host of social problems, and developed training sessions and curricula, products and tools that helped advocates and issue experts throughout the country adapt framing research to their own work.

Based in Portland, Maine, Davey is known for her applied work with advocates who are pursuing social change agendas.

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