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NEWS: I am proud to announce a new product for 2017! FramingGPS™ is a smartphone app that puts evidence-based messages right in the hands of front line communicators. Advocates and issue experts need their messages where they do their work – at their desks, in meetings, when talking to reporters, when catching a legislator in the hall. I developed FramingGPS™ to respond to these varied communication contexts that ARE the office-spaces of front-line advocates. Read all about it here!

*Sample products are included with hyperlinks, below

  • Training: I train experts, advocates and issue-based coalitions in the science of framing and evidence-based communications through workshops, intensive hands-on technical assistance, and framing audits of a client’s existing communications materials.
  • Original Framing Research: Original research is conducted to explore and assess the ways citizens reason about social issues, to determine the impact of those reasoning patterns on messaging strategies, and to test potential reframes that might improve support for our clients' policy agendas. We do not use traditional polling, but draw from methods in social and cognitive science that allow analysis not just of what people say but how they think. We use in-depth interviewing (IDI), focus groups, and experimental surveys. 
  • Planning and Evaluation: I offer strategic advising on communications efforts, from coalition work during a legislative session to statewide public engagement campaigns; I also develop communications plans and logic models for communications efforts.
  • Content Development: Depending on the needs of the client, I may create framing memos that synthesize existing framing research on an issue; a Master Frame for an issue (an outline of an master-narrative for a coalition that can be adapted to any organization’s particular work); messaging toolkits (talking points, sample op-eds, infographics, well-framed power point presentations, etc.); and creative collateral (I work with a team of creative professionals steeped in framing science to produce brochures, websites (Example A, Example B), banners and posters, direct mail pieces and video PSAs (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3).